Staking ADA: From Binance to Yoroi

Transfer ADA from central Binance exchange to your light Wallet Yoroi. Become part of decentralization and get ready for staking.


1. Get Your Yoroi address:
1.1 Open Yoroi app
1.2 Click on your wallet
1.3 Click on address
1.4 Copy your Yoroi address starting with addr1.....

2. Transfer ADA from Binance to Yoroi Wallet
2.1 Login to Binance
2.2 Go to your Fiat and Spot Wallet (Wallet -> Fiat & Spot)
2.3 Click on Withdraw
2.4 Enter your Yoroi address and select network ADA
2.5 Send the transaction

NOTE: Transaction fee should be 1 ADA for Binance as of 9/2021
NOTE: Once you received your ADA in Yoroi, you can start staking.

3. Staking ADA with Yoroi Wallet
3.1 Open Yoroi app
3.2 Click on your wallet
3.3 Go to staking center
3.4 Search for staking server such as CRYL
3.5 Click on delegate and enjoy staking

NOTE: It takes 2 epochs till staking is active