Free Crypto: Best ways to get free crypto

There are different ways how you can get crypto for free. You just need to be patient and it can payback after some time.


Free crypto from Rollercoin.com
Register at Rollercoin.com and play online games to mine blocks in a simulated mode. This game is fun and even works when your are offline. There more games you play, the higher get's your hashrate.
You can use the mining power to buy virtual mining hardware by using their RLS token or get real crypto tokens such as BTC, ETH, BNB, MATIC or DOGE.

Free bitcoin from Freebitco.in
Register at Freebitco.in and win every hour BTC up to a value of 200$. You can also participate in a lottery and gamble a bit. This website is already available for a long time and if you have a bit of luck, you can make good amount of BTC. All you need to do, is invest a bit of your time! Try it out.

Mine Pi from your phone
Pi is a cryptocurrency you can mine from your phone. Register at minepi.com and mine Pi every day but just clicking once. It's coming from Stanford graduates and has over 25M members.